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Sorry Mark Jackson.

Mark – my Terre Haute-to-Denver acquaintance-connection – and I were introduced to each other just three years ago in the Denver area, as we both live there and both attended a mutual acquaintance’s business meeting in her home. We got to reminisce over Terre Haute and talk about the possibility of a road trip back home we’ll never do, of course. I don’t ever want to try to replace Mark or his compadres as the Broncos’ Three Amigos; they’ll be remembered forever as that.

I hope Mark doesn’t take offense at this; I guess if he does maybe he’ll unfriend me. I hope not, and I don’t think he will. He’s one of the friendliest, most cheerful, most positive guys I have ever met.

But you’ve got to admit: Manning didn’t travel to Denver this week just to test the altitude.

Well, in fact, maybe he did.

Here’s how AAH thinks it all shook out last week:

John [Elway]: “Peyt, how you feeling?” “How’s everything?”

(Editor’s note: You know John calls him “Peyt”. Of course he does. They are tight now. You know they are. They’re walking across the tarmac at Centennial airport, then they climb into the SUV, and head off to get a brew and burger at Pat Bowlen’s house. They talk on the way.)

Peyt: “Good. Real good.”

John: “Yea? That’s good to hear.”

Peyt: “Yea.”

John: “You come out to talk about football and what a great place Denver is to live and retire?”

Peyt: “I think that’d be great. Straight up, John. I want to play one more year, that’s it. Then, who knows? Maybe I’d like to coach; maybe commentate a little. You know.”

John: “Yea, sounds real good.”

Peyt: “Yea.”

Peyt: “So what about Tim?”

John: “Hey, you know Tim. He’s good. He’s great, and he’s gonna be great. And look what he’s doing as it is. He’s got us all wrapped up; it’s tremendous. He’s real good. He’ll be good with it.”

Peyt: “That’s good. Actually, that’s great.”

John: “He’ll have two coaches, the best coaches he could ever want, frankly. And he’ll own us. He’ll kill us with that puppy-dog face and sixth-grade smile, and his kick-ass workouts. He’s an animal. Hell, he’ll pray for us. He’s already praying for us. We got no choice here, really. It’s a win-win-win.”

Peyt: “Yea. Absolutely. I only want to play for one more year, you know.”

John: “We’ll work it real good, then Tim’ll be really ready. He’ll kick ass. Hell, he kicks ass now just by getting up in the morning.”

Peyt: “Yea. Absolutely.”

John: “We gotta get him refined, fine-tuned, organized on the field; in his mind. We got to work his passing. I got a whole state that’s gonna eat my lunch if he doesn’t get his passing lined up. Bowlen, too. He needs me, and he needs you, and we definitely need him. But Bowlen’ll eat our lunch if we can’t get him lined up passing.”

Peyt: “Yea.”

Peyt: “Anybody tell him to stop acting like a running back?”

John: “Not a chance.”

Peyt: “Yea. Good.”

– – –

Of course, I am likely wrong about all of this. So, if Manning DOES go to (come to) Denver:

The real and obvious down side to this is if the Broncos let Tim Tebow go. And the awkward down side is if they keep him. Denver has fallen in love with the guy. In fact, it looks like the entire NFL fan base has fallen in love with him – in a Broncos uniform.

And by the way, a very important point: Manning isn’t likely to begin a Denver career like a new guy. As good as he has been, he’s an old guy, QB-wise and neck-wise (and that’s coming from an old guy who broke his neck last fall; I know what I’m talking about. I am back together now, and doing what I did before, but now I hear sand crunching around in there every time I turn my head).

While he may very well have a year, or even a couple of years left in him, he doesn’t have what Tebow has. I wonder if John Elway and Pat Bowlen are considering an investment in the past or in the future. Personally, I hope they can achieve both.

I also wonder what Peyton Manning hears when he turns his head: If it’s not sand, maybe it is a voice. I am reminded of the ominous lines from the final scene of the film Patton:

“For over a thousand years Roman conquerors returning from the wars enjoyed the honor of triumph, a tumultuous parade. The conqueror rode in a triumphal chariot, the dazed prisoners walking in chains before him. And a slave stood behind the conqueror holding a golden crown and whispering in his ear a warning: that all glory is fleeting.”

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Should – or can – the eventual GOP presidential nominee build his prospective cabinet from the field of one-time-hopefuls?

(It’s going to be Mitt Romney…)

At least in theory, if it was this group of capable candidates that rose to the top; those that are the best among us; it would seem to follow they are the most able. Could they be the best choices from which to build an administration?

Lincoln knew it was much more complicated than that. His was a complex calculation that considered not only ability and experience, but also of management of – some would say the manipulation or quelching of – prospective competition and active rivalry. It can be argued that by building the cabinet he did, he effectively eliminated the opportunity for those who believed they were better suited to the Presidency to subvert, oppose, or circumvent his agenda, and in the process he harnessed an incredibly capable – and as it played out, a most loyal if not entirely cohesive team.

We’re also hoping to see a present-day analysis from one of our favorite authors, Doris Kearns Goodwin.

So, our AAH-Best-Long-Published-Book-Recommendation-for-Spring-2012 is Team of Rivals. Check out a New York Times review here.

Romney photo courtesy REUTERS/Brian Snyder

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