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Mitt Romney

AAH knew he was to be the nominee if not the right nominee a year ago, viewing him through the lenses of pragmatism and realism (see the Mitt Romney segment in our November 2011 article: http://wp.me/pwfad-te). Since then we have gradually come to see him more and more through the lenses of study, philosophy, and values. What we see with clarity, ultimately, is agreement.

And LZ Granderson of CNN is probably trying the Josef Goebbels technique that if you say it enough it will become true: He just published an article yesterday trying to explain why America doesn’t like Romney (http://www.cnn.com/2012/08/14/opinion/granderson-romney-likeability/index.html?hpt=po_r1). Sounds like the title to an article that should have been written a year ago. Well, I like him (Romney, I mean), and I liked him a year ago. I liked him seven years ago. I liked him when I first heard about him – when he was asked to rescue the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.  Lots of people like him. Don’t worry, LZ, you’re just mystified, that’s all. And I know what you are hoping for. What you need is a bubble jar with that little plastic wand. Head outside and when you get a bubble worth chasing, attack. I bet it’ll pop and be gone forever.


Paul Ryan

He is everything the Democrats want and need to be and cannot for the life of them figure out how to be. In other words, if the Democrats had a Paul Ryan, he’d be a Republican.

The Romney Presidential Campaign

To quote Coach Norman Dale of the fictitious Indiana high school basketball champ Hickory Huskers, “With Jimmy, we’ve come together, all pistons are firing.” The key difference here is that just like Bobby Plump and the Milan Indians of 1954, the Romney-Ryan ticket is real, and they will win the White House in November.

Barak Obama and the Obama Presidential Campaign

Desperation. The Long Slow Implosion is well underway.

Joe Biden

Hah! OMG.

The Daily Kos ArticleRomney campaign melting down over Joe Biden comment: A ‘new low,’ they say

In his article of from Tuesday, August 14 “Hunter” describes the Romney campaign as melting down and in “total hissyfit mode” over Joe Biden’s “Ya’ll back in chains” verbal car crash. If it weren’t so horrifically out of line, it would be just another over-the-top Bidenism. As it is, it’s the 5,867,384th time he has confirmed he should have never gotten the job in the first place.  Rudy Giuliani is right: Joe Biden just isn’t that bright. One more bit of evidence? “Ya’ll” is not a Delawarian colloquialism.

(Please, please-please, Steve Tally, please publish a new edition of Bland Ambition to include a Joe Biden chapter.)


All you Kos’ers out there: Didja HEAR what he said and HOW he said it?! Consider the fallout if someone from the Romney camp had said it.

And all “Hunter” can write about is how weak are the stomachs and hearts of Romney’s people. As with the remainder of the small universe of Progressive media personalities, including NorMan GoldMan, he devolves into the juvenile tactics of name-calling and berating and generally making fun.

Is this really the best these guys can do? More evidence of the Great Slow Implosion. Yea, like I’m gonna run right out and buy that.

Sticking to (or Sticking it to) the Constitution: Sebelius vs Gowdy or The Administration vs The Constitution

 Ok, I admit am three-and-half months late on addressing this issue, but video of the interchange is worth the re-visit. This would be my fun item if it weren’t so troubling.

Even the most fundamental aspects of our constitutional protections remain in jeopardy even as the most significant presidential election in a generation looms. Here is a refresher on the testimony of Health and Human Services secretary Kathleen Sebelius before a congressional committee and her catastrophic interaction with South Carolina Representative Trey Gowdy during which she revealed herself to be incredibly inept, absolutely unprepared and uninformed of even fundamental provisions of the Constitution. The most troubling part is that she tows the line that deliberately erodes the freedoms we enjoy.

If you haven’t seen it: http://www.letfreedomringblog.com/?p=12843 or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5QfRa3SdU0I.

Flabbergasted is the right word.

Syria: Sleeping with the Enemy

Russia is satisfied to see – and support – a Syrian civil war.

Syria has historically been one of Russia’s (and previously the Soviet Union’s) biggest arms customers and if there is any chance the Free Syrian Army prevails in the conflict, they may be very likely to shop elsewhere. The Russians don’t want to lose influence, and they don’t want to lose one of their best customers. It is US, the “greedy” free-market Americans, who are accused of sacrificing all for the almighty dollar. And speaking of the dollar, does anyone actually think the Assad regime is paying the Russians in Dinars or Rubles or even Euros? They maintain this status deliberately, unabashedly unapologetically.

According to the CIA World Factbook, in 2005 Syria spent 5.9% of their GDP on the military. That’s significantly more than their #1 benefactor: Russia committed 2.9%. View those numbers in light of their populations: Russia is six times larger than Syria at well over 138 million people. Syria spends on their military double that of Russia.

And by the way, isn’t it amazingly simple? When these things happening virtually anywhere in the world, regardless of internal factors such as history, culture, religion, present economic or political conditions, outside pressures, it is people everywhere – PEOPLE – saying the same thing: “Set us free”.

Political Media: Who’s Up, Who’s Down

Up: For the combination of both best and most entertaining news commentary programming: AAH recommends a tie between Fox News’ The Five and Special Report with Brett Baier.

Down: The NorMan GoldMan Show. AM radio mouth-piece for and attending the Long, Slow Implosion of the Obama reelection campaign.

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