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As the saying goes, “Iron sharpens iron.”

But I am not so convinced it’s iron on my end; perhaps cast iron, maybe pot metal.

I have a good friend who challenges me intellectually and politically on regular occasion (albeit at a distance; he there, I here, a thousand miles apart – it’s only in writing that we joust), and I think he is made of some sturdy stuff. So in response to a predictable and friendly debate we have recently waged over the present political season, I find myself again, wanting for deeper intellect, better quality analysis, and weightier argument; those virtues I worry that I do not conjur quite enough of to successfully engage in high-minded and well-grounded political discussion. I owe a bit of thanks to my good friend, John (Thank you, John.)

I think anyone who has traveled the globe by motorcycle, and in the process has out run Alaskan grizzlies, sunlight, and the Russian police, is probably well-adjusted and well-practiced in his survival skills, response times and intellectual headlocks. This is John. (And just about the time I think I may have to ask him to forgive any slight embellishment, I’m not so sure there’s anything embellished at all.)

– – –

In this final and intense stretch of the Presidential campaign, with the Obama-Romney debates looming, I want to challenge readers to challenge themselves. The vast majority of voters have made up their minds and there is, with rare occasion, little chance of persuading one from Left to Right or Right to Left. It’s the Undecideds and the Independents and those on the Fringe who are still holding out to be convinced.

Still, I think that it is possible that if given enough of the best rationale; the best-broadest and most persuasive points to ponder, there may be those who can be influenced to change their minds.

– – –

So in the meantime, while I regroup and research and reform my own defensible argument, I want to pass along the argument of someone much wiser than myself. Actually 100 arguments.

If you’re willing to be challenged, if you’re willing to challenge and test yourself; if you’re yet open to another possibility, I offer the following from one of my favorites – Hugh Hewitt:
100 Reasons To Vote For Mitt Romney Or Against Barack Obama

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