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President Bush Sr. went into office in 1988 with vast experience as a naval officer (and fighter pilot), businessman and government leader. He had already served as Vice President and led the CIA among other achievements. He continued to be known as one of the most devoted and loyal public servants in our nation’s memory.

To his detriment early on, he infamously promised he would introduce no new taxes on the American people. This curse stuck with him, perhaps the only real memorable misstep he made. But as President he assembled and led a world-wide coalition against a common evil, successfully worked within the parameters given him by the United Nations (he did not go beyond the mandate) and achieved their and our common goal – he won a war, and liberated a country. Then during his reelection bid in 1992 didn’t know the price of a gallon of milk… and was fired.

By incredible, stark contrast President Obama came into office with no substantial experience; many would say no measurable experience or know-how – no track record to speak of, no demonstrated, documented achievements worthy of the history of our nation’s Chief Executive or Commander-in-Chief.

Virtually his first act as President was to return to the British government the bust of Winston Churchill – a gift from the people of the United Kingdom – perhaps a long-awaited slight in retribution for African colonization (What else could it be? We are yet sorely in want of another more understandable and palatable explanation).

As new president he actually bowed down to foreign heads of state in humility and deference; and contrary to CNN News’ disingenuous and intellectually dishonest analysis of a statement made during the final presidential debate he did effectively, by words, tone, impression and intent apologize to the world for the United States’ poor international behavior and reputation. He has repeatedly trampled on the US Constitution (example, compelling formerly free citizens to purchase a so-called free market product or service against their will). He has demonstrated no defensible understanding or appreciation for the free market (as a candidate for president he stated one can actually make too much money and has demonstrated a rejection of our present law by lying about so-called unfairness in individual American citizen’s tax filings as opposed to properly addressing the US tax code); claimed his math skills are limited to 7th grade-level and thus (understandably) has raised the national debt beyond $16 trillion and has expended his entire four-year term without passing a budget for our nation.

He has tolerated, nay, supported abject incompetence and perhaps criminal negligence by, if not criminal collusion with his Attorney General; has kept company with a known terrorist and with Marxists and socialists; he was mentored and taught for many of his most formative years by a pastor who has clearly described himself through his own words and attitude a racist and apparent America-hater, through his policies has violated basic religious freedoms – imposing an unconstitutional law directly against the fundamental beliefs and practices of religious institutions; and most recently tragically abdicated his solemn duty to protect his own – our Ambassador to Libya; and now as it turns out, has either demonstrated gross incompetence and deadly misjudgment or an intentional cover-up of known facts, all the while self-righteously declaring he would do whatever necessary to protect our diplomats. He boldly and defiantly declared himself to be ultimately responsible for what happened in Libya, all the while passing the buck to the DoS, DoD, and the Intelligence Community.

Myopic this view may be. This writer prefers to consider it focused by single-minded certainty.

While numerous other significant evidences against Barack Obama stand witness against him as president, it may be well summed up as the conservative commentator, author and law professor, Hugh Hewitt has described: He’s simply in over his head.

If President Bush Sr. was held to account as he was in 1992, how much more then should Barack Obama be removed from the Office of the President? Will we not fire him as well?

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