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Syaracuse.com writer, Sean Kirst has followed and passionately written about the Pan Am Flight 103 bombing over Lockerbie, Scotland for many years now. This past week, just days before the 25th anniversary of that tragedy, he published another piece.

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My wife knew Alex Lowenstein, the subject of this story. She lived in the same small community in north-central New Jersey, attended Junior High and High School with him, attended parties at his home, had the same friends and with the bombing over Lockerbie, Scotland, shared the shock and grief of his family, friends, school and community, now, still after all these years, the fond and treasured memories and inspiration of a friend.

Alexander Lowenstein

Over the years since she first told me of Alex and the others from her hometown of Mendham who died with him on Pam Am Flight 103, her reflections have taken on an even more poignant hue, colored with the hints of what clearly might have been; a growing and mature understanding of the loss of so many, for so many more, and the loss to all of us in them, for what more they might have been and done.

What was not lost in that moment was all that they gave their families, their friends, their communities; each of their personal legacies and inspiration for all the rest of us, lasting from now on.

Perhaps in Sean Kirst’s story, as we are only a few days past Hanukkah and Christmas is upon us, we can be encouraged all the more and reminded of the power and greatness love, and in expressing our love and appreciation for each other.

Please select this link to read Love, dreams and the promise to remember: Inside one box, from the fields of Lockerbie:


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