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Pensive [pen-siv], adjective
1. Dreamily or wistfully thoughtful: a pensive mood
2. Deeply or seriously thoughtful
3. Expressing or revealing thoughtfulness, usually marked by some sadness

Pensive – adjective
1. Quiet and thinking seriously
2. Engaged in deep and serious thought

– – –

I think I am pensive in a good way. And it may be that Mike Pence makes all the difference.

Previously I wrote that there has been too much emotion and not enough judgment or thinking. Now I am thinking – hard. Yes, some sadness, maybe more like trepidation about this, but thinking seriously is really where I am. I am pensive, yes, but in a good way . . . I think.


Now with our own Mike Pence on the Repub ticket, I believe that – especially with the choices we are all presented with – I believe this is a very serious proposition, and more so, a serious opportunity to consider.

If the speeches made by both Trump and Pence at the RNC are any indication of all of the possibilities of a future administration, of the possibilities of what these two arguably incredibly talented and capable men plan to do, I must choose to be hopeful. (Confession: I feel hopeful now . . .)

And maybe not just for me, but for even some of the most hardened skeptics. Previously I have perhaps sounded like one of those, and yes, most of the time I think I am. But with Mike Pence, and after Donald Trump’s nomination acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention, I am [somewhat] reassured. And I am hopeful. Hopeful trepidation – that’s what it is.

What do I know, Think and believe about Donald Trump?

He seems to be sincere, and I have no doubt as to his patriotism. He seems to be straightforward, candid, he keeps it simple and seems that he means what he says. He seems willing to put his history and his performance on the line and out in the open for all to examine and consider. Perhaps above all I believe he is capable and determined to serve the country well.

He is smart, and he is a fast learner. He seems willing to get his skeletons out of the closet and on the table. He seems to be open and brash enough to say ” Bring it on.” He is a fighter. He has a substantial free market track record; perhaps spotty and controversial, but he has been there. He has experienced, understands and believes in the American free-market system.

What do I know about Donald Trump?

There are perhaps many things I don’t know about him and many things that concern me.

He hasn’t yet articulated a convincing argument that he has a full and proper understanding of the constitution. He has not yet articulated a conservative value system with regards to free speech, private property ownership or eminent domain concerns, or a consistent philosophy regarding the second amendment. In fact there are numerous issues in which he has shown significant lack of either knowledge or consistency.

He can be a bully, and very publicly. He can be crude, even embarrassing. He can be inappropriately personal. He can be reckless and downright hurtful and nasty. Unregulated and apparently thoughtless. Those are thing I do not want in my president. But somehow, I think he is deadly serious about making things in our country better.

He has not yet articulated a convincing – and vitally important – understanding of either military or foreign affairs. He has however, articulated commonsense Street Smarts and simple, Plain Talk. It seems clear that the American people crave this.

Having said all this, and as far as speeches go, his speech at the Republican National Convention Thursday night during which he formally accepted the nomination for the Presidency was spot on, even great, in my opinion. I guess I am feeling better . . . a little . . .

Indiana Governor Mike Pence addresses the crowd before Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump took the stage during a campaign stop at the Grand Park Events Center in Westfield, Indiana, July 12, 2016. REUTERS/John Sommers II - RTSHNDZ

Indiana Governor Mike Pence addresses the crowd before Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump took the stage during a campaign stop at the Grand Park Events Center in Westfield, Indiana, July 12, 2016. REUTERS/John Sommers II – RTSHNDZ

It is hard for me to believe he is our best choice, but I believe he is the best choice we have.

What do I think about Mike Pence? I think he is a fantastic choice.

– – –

A note on Ted Cruz.

He spoke eloquently at the RNC, but more importantly I believe he spoke rightly and he spoke the truth.

And he was rejected.

But here’s the irony: The people did not want him before, so why was his opinion and endorsement so important at the RNC? He was rejected the first time, so why should his stance be so important to anyone now? We are a fickle people and we don’t seem to realize it.

A note on the religious test.

There is no legal or constitutional – nor I believe moral or ethical – religious test for the presidency in this country. There must not be; we cannot afford it and it is not in keeping with our Constitution, our way of life. I believe violating this would be a grave threat to our Constitution and way of life. I believe we cannot afford to do this. In fact, it would be antithetical to our Constitution. In modern times, it was raised with John F. Kennedy. At the time his answer was, eventually, sufficient for the voters. It was then again applied to Mitt Romney, and I think it was a terrible missed opportunity. And it was wrong according to the Constitution we [say] we accept. We just cannot afford to do that again. Regardless of what we individually, privately – or publicly – believe. We must not. We cannot afford it. Our country cannot afford it.

– – –

And, in the end (of Spring, anyway . . .) the Republican primary process did show that the vast majority of Americans have the thoughtfulness, fortitude and yes, wisdom . . . to reject the traditions and historical precedents of the past. Perhaps they – we – YOU – are the true modern day pioneers; those were willing to go into a new kind of wilderness for many reasons. A sense of adventure, a sense of hope and vision, frustration, desperation, hard experience, or perhaps out of a pioneering spirit. Let’s call it a new definition for Penciveness.

Bottom line: With some great pensiveness, and Penciveness, Ask A Hoosier endorses the Trump Pence ticket.

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