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From a WIBC (93.1 FM) blog one year after, the names and stories of those Hoosiers who died in the attacks of September 11th, 2001 and in the course of the ensuing War on Terrorism.

Read their stories in the original WIBC Sept, 10, 2002 blog, 9/11 Indiana Facts.

How quickly I was able to find each of these people in my search of the internet, most instantly, some within a couple of clicks, then their individual personal stories written in various places; some on Pentagon memorials, some in hometown newspapers or television news reports, was a powerful reminder to me just how unique each was, how special – and the depth to which each person was known and is remembered; how valuable each and every person was to so many around them.

And that’s the way it is with every one of us. We are of immeasurable value, immeasurably unique – uniquely made – not to be replaced on this earth. They each were one of a kind. We and they are all just that special.

I also found that they live on. Somehow, rising from the terrible wreckage of devastation, death, pain and loss good things have somehow come. Foundations and community organizations to help those in need were created in the names and after the lives and beliefs of so many, for example. Homes have been built, rebuilt and donated without mortgage.  Care has been given to the sick and suffering still with us. Programs and scholarships and other to support those left without a father or mother, and in memory of a loved one to send someone to school. Blood and organs have been donated in their names.

The impact of the many volunteers from Indiana who went to help in the aftermath of those attacks was immense as well. They are also recalled in the WIBC blog.

Many times, too often, to be sure, the highest price to ever be paid purchases the things of greatest value.


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Col. Canfield “Buddy” Boone, Milan

Additional story, Gazing at the Flag

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Gary BrightGary Bright, Muncie

Additional story, Muncie Star Press


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Eddie Dillard, Gary

Additional story, Chicago Tribune


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Brenda Gibson

Brenda Gibson, Indianapolis

Additional story, The National 9/11 Pentagon Memorial


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Maj. Stephen V. Long, Cascade

Additional story, Fox59


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Lt. Gen. Timothy J. Maude, Indianapolis

Blueink book review, Maude biography, author Stephen E. Bower


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Katie McCloskey

Katie McCloskey, South Bend

Memorial Scholarship, Community Foundation of St. Joseph County

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– – –Stacy Peak

Stacy Peak, Tell City

Additional story, Legacy.com


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Karen Juday, Elkhart

Additional story, NBC News.com


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Jeanette Winters, Gary

Additional story from Gary Nelson, WordPress

Additional information, Arlington National Cemetery

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We know, it’s not like “Indiana Rivers Videos” is the most compelling title. Well, keep reading and watching.

And actually, just so you know, it’s 8. We couldn’t quite figure out how to choose which three to cut, we liked them all too much. So just consider it’s the Monthly Top 5 plus 3 bonus items. You’ll have to decide what’s a bonus and what’s not.

They are interesting (we think) and educational, and some are fun. You may like them, at least some of them or disagree with disgust, disappointment or maybe – hopefully – be inspired to take a day or weekend trip. This is our Top 5 (8) for September.

To watch each video, you can either select the title or click on the photo.

1. The Battle for Indiana

The Smithsonian Channel

Battle for Indiana

2. Indiana’s 10 best canoeing and kayaking spots


Indianas 10 best canoeing and kayaking spots IndyStar

3.  Flying Silver Carp on Wabash River in Indiana

Indiana Outdoor Adventures

Flying Silver Carp on Wabash River in Indiana

4. A History Tour of the Wabash River

Indiana Department of Natural Resources

A History Tour of the Wabash River Indiana Department of Natural Resources

5. Indiana Rivers & Waterways Advocates

Sustainable Indiana

Indiana Rivers & Waterways Advocates

6. The Aukiki: Indiana’s Lost River

Jeffrey Kroll

The Aukiki Indianas Lost River

7. Reverend Peyton on the Blue River

Wild Indiana

Reverend Peyton on the Blue River

Ok, if there is any one of these that really ought to be considered a bonus, this would probably have to be it. #8 on our Top 5 list.

8. White Water Canoe, Brookville, Indiana

Gonzo Vision

White Water Canoe Brookville Indiana

Ok, surprise. After all that, an Actual True and Worthy Bonus Item (in case you didn’t know them until now):  Indiana’s own…

The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band

“Clap Your Hands”

The Reverend Peytons Big Damn Band Clap Your Hands

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