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Should – or can – the eventual GOP presidential nominee build his prospective cabinet from the field of one-time-hopefuls?

(It’s going to be Mitt Romney…)

At least in theory, if it was this group of capable candidates that rose to the top; those that are the best among us; it would seem to follow they are the most able. Could they be the best choices from which to build an administration?

Lincoln knew it was much more complicated than that. His was a complex calculation that considered not only ability and experience, but also of management of – some would say the manipulation or quelching of – prospective competition and active rivalry. It can be argued that by building the cabinet he did, he effectively eliminated the opportunity for those who believed they were better suited to the Presidency to subvert, oppose, or circumvent his agenda, and in the process he harnessed an incredibly capable – and as it played out, a most loyal if not entirely cohesive team.

We’re also hoping to see a present-day analysis from one of our favorite authors, Doris Kearns Goodwin.

So, our AAH-Best-Long-Published-Book-Recommendation-for-Spring-2012 is Team of Rivals. Check out a New York Times review here.

Romney photo courtesy REUTERS/Brian Snyder


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