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“How Much $$$ Would Make You Move For A Job?”

That question is not mine. It’s from a discussion on LinkedIn. One which got me thinking and to which I offered my two cents-worth.

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I spend a significant part of my professional time on LinkedIn (absolutely confidently, that’s what I call it: my professional time). LinkedIn is one of the greatest e-tools on the planet as far as I am concerned. It is my primary search and research tool. It’s for my networking and specifically, developing and nurturing and exercising my personal-professional network. I am, in short, a believer.

I know – there’s some guy, some CEO somewhere in this country who recently said that he doesn’t need LinkedIn. He operates beyond all that; on another level, a different level. Ok, fine. Whatever. So he’s not human like most of us are; he is apparently another type of human, living and operating on a wholly separate kind of plane. Sort of like Donald Trump or Barak Obama. Or Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, George Clinton, George Bush, George Clooney, Rosemary Clooney, Mickey Rooney, Andy Rooney, Andy Card, Andy McCarthy, Cormac McCarthy. Fine – we all get it. They don’t need it. We understand that. Some people do not operate as we – most of us – do. I guess this CEO guy thinks he is one of them. And maybe he is. So what.

(Sorry – I do know some of these people are dead.)


In my sour grapes about it all (his attitude about it, I mean) I say Fine. Good. I just hope he never finds himself in a position that destroys all that. Like he is invulnerable. As if. AS IF. Well, I hope for his sake, he’s right. But my guess is he wears pants, just like I do. And I’ll bet he puts them on just the same, too.

So speaking for the rest of us, I don’t mind being human – the kind that most of us recognize and can relate to. To him, I guess I say, “Good luck” and leave it at that.

That other thing is the profession-orientated (and sometimes not-so-profession-orientated) conversations that LI members engage in. Rarely I do, too, and on this particular occasion, I saw that question that really resonated with me. And on this occasion my response received enough comments that I thought it was worth sharing a bit more and spreading a bit further. So here it is, reconstructed from LinkedIn. and for you LI-types who actually do put your pants on one leg at a time, click here for the original discussion.

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Q: “How Much $$$ Would Make You Move For A Job?”

My Answer:
“Well, I know a guy who moved 1,500 miles for a high-visibility CEO job, presumably for millions. He was the top performer in everything he did in life. But instead of retiring a bit early after a few years of great success and going home to enjoy his family and home, he abused a short-lived market-tech-financial boom and went to jail.


I know another guy, very highly paid, in a family business who was miserable due to the inner-workings of the place, and could not got out into the competitive world and find a comparable salary, so retired instead.

It’s not enough to be the smartest guy in the room, or the tops in everything, or the richest, financially; it’s not enough to be the end-all and everything guy. You’ve got to be happy. You’ve got to be decent. You’ve got to be nice.”

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Magnet image and inspiration credit to J.T. O’Donnell, who writes at and runs CAREEREALISM Media and CareerHMO.

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And there is that additional thing I mentioned – that happens with LinkedIn that draws it closer in similarity to Facebook (which I keep completely separate. For me, LinkedIn is a tool a great tool. It is serious and work and professional and productive and actionable. Facebook is for lots of other stuff.)

MWAM Dk Bl w grey trim

I apply one caveat to this: My developing running organization and projects, Mile With A Mission, or MWAM, to include The Oberlin Mile, which has a fantastic and vital FB presence is promoted heavily through Facebook.

FB is, in fact, my primary marketing tool for T O M. And Ask A Hoosier, too, where we have a page and a group. But all that for another discussion, or a divergent click on the link.

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