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This is the Key Words edition.

– – –

Moziah Bridges

Each of the individuals in this month’s Top Five is a person who acts on their inspiration and in turn is an inspiration to others.

– – –

The words and phrases you’ll read and hear from them are the keys to achieving more than we think we can. They can keep us on or draw us back to the path we really want to be on, and the encouragement to keep on.

Here they are:

– – –

1. Richie Parker

2. Jeff Thompson

3. Danny Etling

4. Moziah Bridges

5. Elbert Guillory

– – –

Each is a person worth listening to, worthy of emulation. And while each demonstrates the characteristics so important to a leader, he shows in fact, he is a servant to those around him.

They – and their lessons – are each immeasurably valuable to all of us.

richie-parker photo

Do yourself a favor and read on.

– – –

1. Richie Parker, Design Engineer, Hendrick Motorsports

An incredible and inspiring story in video produced by Tom Rinaldi and ESPN.

– – –

Key Words:

“I don’t listen too much to people when they tell me I can’t do something”

“There’s not a whole lot that’s going to stand in my way”

“We wanted his childhood to be as close to any other child’s childhood as possible”

“We are going to make it work. We might just do it differently, but it will work”

“I don’t l know that there’s a whole lot in life period I can’t do; just things I haven’t done yet”

“[I am] just never satisfied; it’s what drives me…it’s how I live my life”

– – –

For everything he is, Richie makes our Top Five. In fact, he’s the on Top Five List for Life.

Check out the ESPN video here. To read this post and others from a work and career angle, click here.

– – –

Jeff Thompson, Terre Haute South Vigo swim coach and head coach, Terre Haute Torpedoes

2. Jeff Thompson, Terre Haute South Vigo swim coach and head coach, Terre Haute Torpedoes

The subject is three high school swimming pools but a simple and important statement was made that speaks to something more. Much more.

And it was not lost on us.

AAH is not going to dive into the conversation, but instead we want to zero-in on a simple but powerful and inspiring statement.

The Terre Haute South Vigo swim coach said a few things while expressing his support for a new aquatics center to serve all the Vigo County high schools, including “[It] is the right thing to do,” and to “give the community ‘something to be proud of for the future.’”

But what really caught us was this, from the Tribune Star, speaking before a group of 300 people at a school board meeting:

“He . . . said it’s time to ‘dare greatly.’”

– – –

Those two words: Dare Greatly.

– – –

For standing up publicly and speaking simple words that carry such inspiration, expectation, and exhortation, we say, “You’re in,” Jeff – Top Five.

To read this and other posts in the world of sports, click here.

– – –

Danny Etling - Photo by Paul Siegfried

3. Danny Etling, Freshman Purdue Quarterback

This past week Danny was not chosen as Purdue’s starting quarterback . . .

. . . but he knows there’s more to the game than that.

– – –

Danny Etling’s Key Words:

“’It’s not too hard to ignore [which quarterback gets more “ball time”] once you get into the practice, because our practices are fast-paced and you don’t have a lot of time to think about that kind of stuff,’ Etling said. ‘It’s really a team thing and it’s all about the team. That’s one thing they’ve really strived to nail into us. It’s not about you, or how much you’re playing, but it’s about the team. There’s really no room for selfishness here.’”
– – –

Etling of Terre Haute, was interviewed by the Tribune Star during Fall Football Camp in West Lafayette this past week, and was competing for the starting QB spot going into the 2013-14 season.

For more reading on Etling, check out this Indy Sports Legend article.

For his perspective on what it takes to get the job done, and his attitude toward the important things in life, Danny makes AAH’s Top Five.

To read this and other posts in the world of sports, click here.

– – –

Michael del Castillo - UpStart Business Journal

4. Moziah Bridges and Mo’s Bows of Memphis

Once again, we are inspired by a kid. A little kid.

– – –

And here’s a key word for all of us: “Work”

Here are some more:

“I can do it”
“Solve a problem” and “Meet a need”

– – –

So, 9-year-old Moziah, a bowtie man, thought, “. . . why not make my own . . ?”

He ASKED his grandmother if she would TEACH him. Well, of course she would.

And two years later, he’s on his way. Just checkout his website: http://www.mosbowsmemphis.com/

“He can sew a bow tie from start to finish” – Bridges’ mother

He’s a little kid with a huge idea, and more than that, he has a huge plan for his life.

His motivation? “I guess it’s in my blood.”

For more Moz reading, see this story from The Memphis Flyer. To see Moz and other work and career-related posts, click here.

Moz, you’re in the Top Five. Boom. Done.

– – –

Elbert-Guillory - Frontiers of Freedom photo

5. Elbert Guillory, Louisiana State Senator

Yea, we know; he’s not . . . it’s not . . . Indiana anything, but we love this guy.

– – –

Guillory Key Words:

“Freedom . . .

. . .is the idea that the economy must remain free of government persuasion . . .”

“It’s the idea that that the press must operate without government intrusion . . .”

“It’s the idea that [American’s personal communications] should remain free from government search and seizure . . .”

“It’s the idea that parents must be the decision-makers in regards to their children’s education . . .”

“It is the idea that the individual must be free to pursue his or her own happiness, free from government dependence, and free from government control, because to be truly free is to be reliant on no one other than the author of our destiny.”

– – –

Although he remains in the Louisiana state legislature, we hope to see him run for Congress, and then . . .!

Check out his video, making the Youtube rounds like wildfire, Why I Am a Republican.

. . . and his new Political Action Committee, Free at Last. . .

. . .and his website, here.

Senator Guillory rounds out September’s Top Five. Guillory for President. Boom. Done.

To read this post and others for the political animal in all of us, click here.

– – –

BONUS and Postscript:

It is interesting to note that Sen. Guillory identifies Rev Martin Luther King, Jr as a Republican. There are differing (some slightly, some starkly) accounts of this “fact”, so it is a good study, worth exploring.

Here are a few sources we can provide to support your heated but fair discussions with family and friends:

Why Martin Luther King Was Republican, 2006, Human Events by Frances Rice, Chair, National Black Republican Association

Snopes has their answer, too – here.

Billboard Claiming Martin Luther King Was Republican Angers Black Activists in Houston, 2009, FoxNews.com, by Joseph Abrams


WikiAnswers.com has their answer, too – read here.

The religion and political views of Martin Luther King, Jr. , The Hollowverse.com

Martin Luther King Jr. Republican Billboard Courts Controversy in Texas As Election Looms, 2012, Huffington Post Black Voices, by Meredith Bennett-Smith


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