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I love my blog. Maybe more than anyone else. Probably. No. In all likelihood. No. It’s beyond that – it’s definitely more than anyone else. aah_rb_logo-whiteleaf

AskAHoosier.com. That’s my blog. You’re reading it right now.


BLUF. Bottom Line Up Front. If you don’t read anything else, fine. Maybe you’ll get this much, at least, and answer me, help me out on my troubles, and move on. All within about three minutes. On the other hand, maybe you or someone will read the rest of this and identify, even contribute to a longer discussion and we’ll all get more help and encouragement than we expected.

Here they are, up front (almost, anyway…), at the risk of losing everybody reading; at the risk of answering my own challenges – my concerns for my blogging life and my questions – too soon and giving the bottom line too quickly. Frankly, I don’t care. You may have something you need to do. So get it over with right now.



My challenges (today) are these:

  1. I am not sure re-posting is cool.
  2. Too many words in a blogpost.
  3. Making money with my blog.



Alright, now – for those who have decided – for the moment – to stay with me a bit longer, here is the expansion on . . . well . . . everything conjured in your mind; or at least my mind, on each of these.

  1. Is re-posting cool?

What if I published something two years ago, or last year, but think it’s worthy all over again? Is it cheap? Too easy? Boring? And worse, irrelevant? And ultimately, so what? It’s my blog, right? If my first intent is selfish, say, to at a minimum practice my writing, then so what. That’s much of what I do at Ask A Hoosier. Let the real professional writers do it better; do it the right way. Let the rest of us do it for ourselves and for the practice. We might even get better at it; maybe even good at it someday. Maybe someday we (and when I say ‘we” I mean “I”) will not even think of re-posting; we’ll develop prolific-ness and write every day and without end. Maybe even be good at it. Maybe.

  1. How much is enough?

I am a wordy guy. It’s miserable. I’m miserable when I think about it. I swear (which I think I should not do), I can’t even get a personal email or LinkedIn response out to somebody in one sentence. I’d swear I can’t do it. You’d swear, “The guy can’t shut up, trim it down and be concise.” If they say a good blog ought to be no more than 700 words, I’m shot. A zillion words minimum is it for me. Usually.










  1. How can I monetize my blog?

I know, I should know this by now. No, I should have been doing this by now. I know. But I haven’t. But take a look: My site address still has “WordPress” in it. I am totally clueless, and admittedly, probably from a basic lack of research on this. I have seen some pretty fancy blogs, and mine (apparently) isn’t one of them. I knocked myself out paying for a logo and that has seemed to be all I could handle. There are several reasons for this. One, I am not [really] a computer guy; I am not e- or IT-savvy; not really. But I kind of wonder if the Peter Principle has come into play: I may have reached the pinnacle of my IT-incompetence. Maybe so. I suspect so. No matter, not really. I still get it done.

But the one thing I haven’t gotten done is make money – selling ads, selling T-shirts, getting set up to accept donations through PayPal. Lazy, maybe, but I don’t think so. Uncertain maybe. But anyway, I haven’t done it yet. I am about to, now that I am 1) a little more experienced, 2) a little braver, and 3) a little poorer, and hence 4) a little bit bolder and don’t care what happens, i.e., what the response is. What are they going to do, after all? Stop reading? Stop buying?

Well, anyway, T-shirts is where I am headed. I have two designs I am sold on, so I am developing those. Watch for them. Then buy one. Please. And yes, I’ve got my head mostly out of the sand: I know I’m not going to get rich selling two different T-shirts. I just have a hankering for this; it’s my thing. You might even say “passion”, so it’s what I am going with. We’ll see where it goes from there. Keep watching. It’s all a work in progress – a live, real-time experiment.

I think this must be the crux of “blogging your passion”.

Of course, it has all to do with what you want to accomplish in the first place; what you’re doing it for in the first place.

Me? I wanted to put something unique in writing. My belief is a fundamental one:

If you don’t tell your story, it will never be told.

That’s it. That’s how I was finally convinced to get started. Sure. I had lots of other thoughts and gurglings inside churning, seemingly burning to get out. I swear, it was biblical. Check out Luke 19:40. With a little bit of inappropriate twist and misinterpretation, I can apply it to my situation. It’s as if the stories I have inside must be told, or at least recorded in some way, documented and made permanent. Paraphrased, “….if you silence us, even the rocks will cry out.”

Terribly paraphrased.





My intent is not to draw you into a biblical discussion (although I do depend on that personally for my grounding and direction). My intent is not to abuse scripture or offend anyone (most anyone) who may be better schooled in the subject than me. My intent – from a selfish view – is to relate to the idea; to identify just where I come from, how and why.

My intent is to say this to my readers:

Your story is unique. It will not be told unless you tell it. Every life, every experience within is uniquely individual and by definition, special. And worthy.

Worthy to be told? To anyone and everyone? Well, from the perspective of public consumption, I don’t care.

I understand the First Rule in Writing is to write every day. I also understand a rule of life is that if one writes – that is, gets it out – it is, at least in theory, therapeutic. That’s where the idea of a diary came from, I suppose. Get it down and get it out. Same for exercise. Get out and move. So what if – this is worst case now – I write for myself, my own sake, and I re-post once in a while. So what? I say do it. Enjoy it. And practice. Then practice and practice some more.

If you want to see what I’m talking about, really, in the flesh, check out AskaHoosier.com. And remember – I have already told you this is a live experiment. And it’s just practice. By the time you’re finished reading this, I will have three more challenges I am wrestling with. I‘ll try not to be afraid to confess them to you. Maybe it will help a little.

– – –

Image credits, top to bottom:

“Blogging 101”: adamweitner.com

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